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Lee Cougan X Enough Cycling

Enough Cycling will be relying on Lee Cougan once again for 2024 for the most challenging adventure races of their calendar. This time, with an amazing frame, out of the ordinary, especially if you love riding when the sun goes down.

After jumping on a MTB for the first time in 2023 at the Atlas Mountain Race, the Collective’s riders have brought their Lee Cougan across the Globe, from Greece to the US, and they won adventure races as the French Divide bringing Lee Cougan into the Adventure racing world and proving its value and reliability on different grounds and long distances.


The light of the night

Moonlight dream – the new Lee Cougan Rampage Innova x Enough Cycling follows the visual identity of the team featuring a full-white design.

But there’s more: for the bike they for their longest days in the saddle, we used a special fluorescent paint that glows in the dark.

The effect while riding at night in remote areas is stunning and feels like riding on a bike that is alive. Something special to enjoy the night trips even more.

Why exactly the Rampage Innova?

Enough Cycling is riding on Rampage Innova – their bike of choice to combine lightness and reactivity with comfort and shock absorption. The patented Innova Suspension System rear suspension is the best tool to leave room for bike packing bags and not compromise load capacity – an essential feature for adventure races.

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The setup

This special Rampage Innova features Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon wheels and Pirelli Scorpion XC RC tyres, Fizik Argo 00 saddle and it’s equipped with Ceramic Speed bottom bracket and pulley.

In its full adventure setup – the bike features a full Miss Grape bags kit and most of the time aerobars for the long stretches to ride in resting position.

And of course…You know where we’re getting, right? Most of the times there’s a trade-off between comfort and lightness. The ISS system takes this trade-off away, making Rampage Innova just the best weapon for adventures.


Ready to rock on the best gravel roads and trails of the world – the Collective will start racing in Marocco with the Atlas Mountain Race and will close its season in Chile in November.


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