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Our journey in the Atlas moutains

The Atlas Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race that starts in Marrakesh and crosses the Moroccan Atlas before taking riders through the Anti-Atlas and to Essaouira.

Manuel Truccolo and Federico Damiani reached the finish line, completing the 1330 km and 22.000 mt D+  in 4 days and 22 hours, arriving as the first pair at the finish line Essaouira.

Rampage Innova: Adventure Racing

Here is the setup prepared for the 2024 Atlas Mountain Race by the riders of Enough Cycling, Mattia De Marchi, Federico Damiani and Manuel Truccolo, along with our friend Wladimir Teisseire. Each of them has detailed a very special configuration of their Rampage Innova, optimized to support them at best during this unique adventure.

Special mention to Manuel Truccolo and Federico Damiani who reached the finish line arriving as the first pair.

Mattia was racing as a solo rider and experienced a swollen knee during the race but gave proof of his fighter attitude by keeping his smile and grit alive and completing over 700km. 

Oh, where did Wladi disappear? Well, we know he made it to the finish line and had a blast during the race at his first ultra mtb adventure. He aimed to participate, not to win, after all!

Amazing feeling with the Rampage Innova

“Great feeling with the bike. The sensation with the Rampage Innova is that of having a comfortable yet responsive bike. It’s a fast bike even on asphalt stretches and smoother off-road sections.” Federico.

“For this type of races, the Rampage Innova has proven to be perfect, striking the right balance between speed and comfort while feeling fully aware of the ride and never restricted.” Wladimir.

Innova Structural Suspension for Ultra Mountain biking

“Among the many advantages of this bike, one stands out: its hybrid solution combines elements of both front and full suspension. This design offers superior comfort compared to a front-only suspension bike. This is further enhanced by the special cushioning system, the Innova Structural System, which preserves space within the central triangle. This space is crucial for load capacity and positioning bags effectively”. Federico.

“At the same time, the ISS absorbs all micro-vibrations, which can become particularly bothersome in the long run, especially on rocky terrains like those found in Morocco.” Manuel.

“Having a rear suspension that neither adds weight nor takes up too much space on the bike makes the Rampage Innova ideal for races and adventures of this kind”. Wladimir.

Breathtaking landscapes and experiences

“The route is very demanding but also very beautiful. There are many remote sections, and the terrain is often rough, so it’s not an easy off-road, but rather a route that tests you in many ways. The experience – combining the route, landscapes, encounters with local people, and fellow athletes – is enriching from a human perspective and very rewarding; it definitely repays all the effort needed to complete it.” Wladimir.

“The landscapes are incredible, and despite the route always passing through rocky and desert areas, the rock formations and landscapes constantly change. In short, it’s not a boring route.” Federico.

Configure Rampage Innova