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Lee Cougan X Enough Cycling

The strange thing about adventure is that the more you eat it, the hungrier you get from it. No wonder why the Enough Cycling Collective is willing to push further and eat some adventure even on rougher surfaces than gravel.

You simply can’t limit adventure to one surface. That’s why starting this season the guys will be riding on Lee Cougan in some of the most epic off-road adventure races and rides in the World. They are hungry from adventure, we’re ready to serve them some.

The Collective

Enough Cycling Collective was born in 2021 from a fairly simple idea: a bike is enough to be happy! The goal is to become the most inspiring cycling project around and to encourage people in experiencing cycling in its most diverse forms and – ultimately – to be happy.

Why do they gravel, you ask? Because they think it’s the best way to get to such a goal. No discipline combines performance and comradery, fun and grit as gravel does. No discipline is more inclusive: gravel has so many nuances that anyone can feel welcome and fit in.

In three years Enough Cycling went international and covered a wide calendar. From the fine gravel of Unbound in Kansas to the wild valleys of Kyrgyzstan at the Silk Road Mountain race. From the Kenyan savanna to the volcanic craters of Iceland. The riders of the Collective have covered so many different events from one-day to adventure races that you can barely keep count of them. And yes, they even race fast. Take the wins at The Traka, at Migration gravel race, at Badlands just to name a few. The guys are no joke!

Rampage Innova for Adventure riding

When it comes to adventure racing, two concepts are the key to a great performance. Comfort is speed – after days on the bike feeling more comfortable means feeling more fresh and therefore pushing a bit further. Lightness is speed – carry the least possible equals being faster on the long run.

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Pioneering Evolution: ISS Suspension System

You know where we’re getting, right? Most of the times there’s a trade-off between comfort and lightness. The ISS system takes this trade-off away, making Rampage Innova just the best weapon for adventures.

Rampage Innova’s frame is designed to take advantage of the flexibility of carbon to act as a shock absorber.  The result is a structural suspension with oil pistons for adjustment, with a travel of 30 mm, which gives a unique combination of vertical flection and torsional rigidity. The pistons and the geometry of the frame create a system that discharges energy to the ground, reducing dispersions during the thrust phase. The structural suspension replaces the traditional shock absorber, eliminating its weight.

What's coming?

Ready to rock on the best gravel roads and trails of the world – the Collective will start racing in Rwanda in a few days and will close its season in Patagonia in November. In between? USA, Kenya, Iceland, Catalunya. You name it! Can’t wait to see them in action – and also at the pub for some beers together while they tell some stories from the road!

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