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Lee Cougan Comptrol
Integrated Handlebar

Competition requires both speed and control.
Lee Cougan Comptrol, engineered for off-road performance.

Light, stiff and integrated for a direct and responsive handling sensation with zero weight penalty.

Made of an optimized blend of 3K + UD Carbon, the Lee Cougan Comptrol integrated handlebar is engineered to make your front end more precise and decisive, empowering the rider with razor-sharp bike handling. Save weight and seconds by upgrading your cockpit to Lee Cougan Comptrol and feel the extreme benefit both climbing and descending.

Take a step into the development process at the discovery of every technical solution that makes this component unique:

Finding the perfect Weave

The Process

By conducting laboratory and field tests in partnership with Team Soudal Lee Cougan, the Comptrol Development team was able to implement feedback deriving from elite racers, in order to develop the best construction and perfect blend of materials.

The Solution

This activity led to a selection of 3K and Unidirectional carbon weaves capable of conferring the perfect balance between rigidity and comfort while maintaining an extremely lightweight overall construction of 275gr.

Cable management

The Process

The cable routing design of the Comptrol integrated handlebar was designed to accommodate up to 4 cables in its body with the goal of hiding them from both the eye and the elements.

The Solution

Via a specific molding technique and carbon layup we managed to create a depression on the bottom of the handlebar allowing the hoses to run smoothly without constraining steering motion.

Thanks to Shadow Cable Routing the resulting construction is visually free of any cables and can be removed with ease for maintenance purposes or for packing the bike for travels.

The best ergonomics for performance

The Process

Finding the perfect geometry for the Comptrol Handlebar was one of our biggest tasks. We used 3D prototyping combined with real life bike fitting to create more than 10 different solutions to take into consideration before finding the correct formula between angles, sweep and stem length.

The Solution

The Comptrol Integrated handlebar will allow riders to find the best position in the saddle for off-road riding and competing, choosing from 3 different virtual stem lengths, -15° angle and 760 mm width.

Virtual stem lenght (E)85 mm95 mm105 mm
Stem Angle (A)- 15°- 15°- 15°
Up sweep (B)3.5°3.5°3.5°
Back sweep (C)
Width (D)760 mm760 mm760 mm
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